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Featured - October 29, 2017

FACT: Democratic Leaders Exploit Immigrants to Gain Political Capital

The mere phrase “immigration reform” has often been the political Left’s euphemism for amnesty. But regardless of how many supermajorities the D...
Politics - September 18, 2017

Donald Trump and The Jerry Springer Era of Politics

Dear fellow conservatives: WTF? You walk around claiming to be superior to liberals, yet look who you voted for. Out of a ton of respectable, conserva...
Politics - September 17, 2017

Trump’s Presidency Has Given Everyone an Excuse To Be Shamelessly Racist

Smile, you’re a racist. No, seriously, I’m talking to you (the reader) – say cheese!  I don’t even know you and I’m 100...
Politics - September 12, 2017

Zuckerberg: Candidate for US President 2020? Why I Will Welcome It If He Tries

An interesting article popped up in my feed this morning! “Dear Democrats, Unless you Nominate mark Zuckerberg, Donald Will Win in 2020” K...
Politics - August 12, 2017

Top 16 Reasons Why You’re an Idiot For Supporting The Democratic Party

Dear angry and aggrieved liberals, I feel your pain. I was once ignorant of the ways of the real world like you.    I was a registered democrat for ...
Politics - July 24, 2017

White Liberals Don’t Give a Shit About Minorities

In each presidential election we are reminded that black voters share an unconditional allegiance to the democratic party.  Their political views ove...
Politics - July 10, 2017

Trump Scares Liberals Shitless

Before Donald Trump even took office, panic ensued and poured out into the streets. Black, whites, Hispanics and people of all backgrounds consolidate...
Featured - May 27, 2017

Why Trying to Make Racial Peace with Liberals is an Effing Waste of Time

Dear Liberals, screw you. No, seriously, find a sharp object and go sodomize yourselves – hard.  Maybe then you’ll understand what it fee...
People - January 9, 2017

Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism

When the drug epidemic ravished black neighborhoods throughout the nation in the 1980s, a handful of hip-hop’s most renowned ambassadors took a stan...
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