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Black Culture - November 7, 2017

For Black People to Progress, Black Culture Must Die!

If people really want to see black people integrate into the society, leaving the victimhood mentality and resentment for white people behind – peop...
Black Culture - October 28, 2017

Dear Black America, Quit Whining About ‘Reparations’ (You Don’t Deserve Free Money!)

Dear angry, aggrieved liberals: I am sick and tired of the subject of reparations. Reparations are like rewarding the great, great grandson of someone...
Opinion - July 3, 2017

How Obama Failed Black America

“Hope,” “change you can believe in” and “yes we can” were the words and phrases that captured the hearts and minds...
Opinion - May 8, 2017

10 Reasons Why Black Men Shouldn’t Date White Women

*Hey, fellas. Here’s some advice about dating white women: Don’t for a single moment forget that you are a black male breaking a cardinal rule by ...
Opinion - January 12, 2017

A Case To Prove The Existence of Black Privilege

*Our nation has become increasingly diverse, perhaps more now than ever before.  This may be interrupted soon by President Donald Trump’s dogge...
Opinion - April 13, 2015

Barack Obama Kinda, Sorta, Almost Married a White Girl In College (Oh, What Could Have Been!)

*Racist white southerner (in 2008): “Barack Osama is a mango-munching nigger. His nigger wife should be in chains at the zoo. And how sweet, the...
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