Transgenderism is a Sickness (It’s Time to Face Reality)

By A.D. Schildkret    November 10, 2017

Dear fellow Americans, WTF is happening to our country?

For eight years, we suffered through a socialist presidency that resulted in confusion as to what bathroom to use and the question of what gender you would like to pick.

That’s right – Barack Obama conned the black community into believing that he would prioritize their interests – a manipulation that helped him win the White House – and then he spent the next eight years throwing his weight behind LGBTQ-related issues. Where I’m from, that’s called “swindling.”

It’s well documented – Obama played a vital role in “sissyfying” America’s youth, and justifying the bizarre actions of those who feel as if they were born in the wrong body. But that’s not quite how things work according to decades of psychiatric research.

Sorry folks, you cannot pick your gender just as you cannot pick your ethnicity. Rachel Dolezal can explain that in better detail for you.

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See there is a little thing called chromosomes. I won’t bore you with the science, but your gender is chosen for you and anyone who believes otherwise is nuts for wanting to get rid of their nuts…or add some nuts.

Look, I get it.

If you’re a natural born woman who decides to switch genders (which fundamentally isn’t possible), the addition of a penis – or the appearance thereof – probably makes it more convenient to pee.

We (men) don’t have to squat – it’s quicker, it’s easier and the line to the bathroom isn’t as bad (although a swift kick the genitals elicits some of the worst pain imaginable).    

And perhaps for natural born men who undergo gender reassignment surgery, the reason is to avoid being the victim of someone’s foot crashing into their private parts; instead they can start dishing out the punishment.

I’m not sure.

I have discussed this issue with some liberal family members and friends who are utterly shocked that I believe transgenders are mentally ill. But listen to any recent interview from Caitlyn Jenner and tell me that he, or she or whatever you want to call it, isn’t nuts (no pun intended).

Thanks to professionals that aren’t afraid to show they have a real pair, we have the science to explain what’s wrong with you if you believe in transgenderism.

Let me introduce to you Doctor Paul McHugh, a retired Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist.

Dr. McHugh called transgenderism a “mental disorder.” He further explains that sex change is “biologically impossible” and that mental health professionals who promote this sort of BS are promoting a mental disorder.

Dr. McHugh cites a study which reveals that transgenders are 20 times more likely to commit suicide.

Let that sink in for a second.

Other studies show that children who express transgender feelings are often confused and vacillate between being comfortable with their natural bodies and contemplating whether they should be something else.

In other words, children occasionally get confused as their sexuality is forming. Their brains aren’t fully developed. Probably a bad time for a parent to encourage neurotic behavior. Don’t you think?

Dr. McHugh is not alone in the assertions that transgenderism is a bunch of baloney.

Psychologist Joseph Nicolosi refers to transgenderism as Gender Identity Disorder (GID), which is treatable with psychotherapy, he contends.

Before America turned crazy liberal, more people believed in the psychological term “Gender Dysphoria” – a conflict between a person’s actual gender and the gender that person identifies with.

Yes, there is a name for it!

Just open The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).  

Moreover, an important aspect to consider is that transgenderism is still about as uncommon as a pornstar with natural boobs.  

If you have a tiny percentage of the population that is transgender, then statistically this behavior is abnormal.

Dear liberals, think about this for a second.

The same reason the man that yells at himself or the transgender person is crazy is because they both engage in behavior that is statistically unusual.

This is literally the basis of what is considered abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior = mental illness.  

Why do liberals find this so far-fetched?

If I am born A.D. Schildkret does that mean I can choose to become Napoleon Bonaparte? First off, I would have to give up several inches in height.

The same reason Rachel Dolezal cannot be black is the same reason that Patricia cannot really become Patrick and Steve cannot become Eve.

I’m sorry. When you’re born, you’re given specific biological cards to play with. If you aren’t happy with your cards, send a memo to the dealer (they say he lives really high up in the sky).

While liberals are crying over Trump’s transgender ban, the previous policy would allow for the government to pay these crazies to have surgery while serving in the military. That’s right, our tax dollars hard at work so Patricia can know what it’s like to pop a boner.

On top of this BS, imagine these individuals in combat. Combat is stressful enough. Normal people sometimes experience PTSD from participating in war.

Imagine how a transgender person would respond? The rate of transgender suicide in the military already quite high. President Trump did them a favor.

There is an obvious push by liberals to embrace transgenderism and pretend that it is normal and beautiful.

But seriously, what in God’s name is beautiful about this picture:

 To purchase a downloadable copy of “Coon Flakes: Musings of an Uppity Negro” ($4.49), visit