Top 16 Reasons Why You’re an Idiot For Supporting The Democratic Party

By A.D. Schildkret    November 7, 2017

Dear angry and aggrieved liberals,

I feel your pain.

I was once ignorant of the ways of the real world like you.

I was a registered democrat for 20 years.

I once believed that taxing people to death was the way to prosperity, and that lowering the bar for certain racial groups made sense to accommodate their inadequacies.

What Happened?

While watching MSNBC almost every day, I received a liberal view on all topics, but I also listened to the Larry Elder show since its inception in Los Angeles in the 90s.

Each day, Mr. Elder spoke about misperceptions that liberals have and eventually it started to make me wonder: Are my liberal assumptions incorrect?

Watching Michael & Me, a self-funded documentary by Larry Elder where he approaches the issue of gun control, was the first big hit against my liberal views.

In the documentary, Mr. Elder combats the liberal slant of Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore.

Elder proceeds to explain how gun ownership reduces crime.

For example, he cites statistics of how many in-home invasions or other types of robberies are thwarted by the mere brandishing of a gun.

He also points out how many cities which have strong gun control laws are riddled with crime infestation because the criminals know there is less chance they will approach someone who is armed and can defend himself.

This was before Chicago became the hellhole that it is today.

My stance on gun control was changing, and when I realized that my assumptions on gun control were not based in fact, I started to examine other issues.

What about strong government?

All liberals believe in heavy government involvement to solve issues?

Well how is that working out for us?

What’s Wrong With Being a Liberal?


Liberals Think Government Bureaucracy is The Answer to All Problems

On issues like poverty, education, sickness, obesity, healthcare and violence, the liberal mindset is the government will take care of it like a good parent.

We are all children; therefore we need the proverbial parent (big government) to be there for us.

While big government was trying to rid us of poverty through Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, it created generational welfare.

It created dependence. It removed fathers from the home.

The message to women was loud and clear, “Just have a kid and we will pay for it as long as the father is not in the home.”

Numerous studies show the lack of a father in the home increases poor life choices such as school truancy, gang affiliation, anger, resentment, and a higher chance of engaging in criminal activity.

It is this same big government that thinks taxing soda and cigarettes (punishing people for their consumer choices) will bring about a healthy America.

How is that working out so far?

Has obesity been eliminated?

Aren’t people still buying soda and cigarettes?

What about healthcare? While Obama lovers thought Obamacare was America’s healthcare answer, healthcare consumers saw their premiums rise significantly and they are projected to continue to rise.

For some reason, democrats think that the same type of people who work at the DMV will do a bang up job with government-run healthcare.



Collect money and throw money at everything with no proper accountability is the Democratic Party way. The harder you work, the more tax the democrats want to take from you.

Let’s tax our way to prosperity…yeah, that’s logical. While the democrats love taking as much as they can from your hard-earned dollars, where are the results? Has taxation rid us of poverty? Has it provided us with a great public school education?


The Racism of Low Expectations

The hard truth is that democrats think very little of minorities.

While many democrats are careful in how they say it, think about what this mentality really suggests.

What if democrats lost their filter and talked about what they honestly think of minorities? You would probably hear comments such as this:

“You can’t expect black people to acquire voter i.d. they are too poor and helpless.”

“You can’t expect minorities to get into a good college based on their grades.”

“You can’t expect minorities to acquire a good job without Affirmative Action.”

“You can’t expect them to perform well on the S.A.T. because it is culturally biased. There are no Ebonics or questions in Spanish on the test.”


The Racism of Condescension

Democrats enjoy playing the race card for votes or engaging in some liberal foolishness.

“The House of Representatives is run like a plantation and you all know what I’m talking about” said Hillary Clinton to a mostly black audience.

“They (republicans) want to put you all back in chains,” said Joe Biden.

How about Hillary Clinton’s visit on Ellen, where she attempted to do the nae nae because the liberals think all black people listen to rap and love to dance.


Planned Parenthood

It is no secret that the Democratic Party loves free abortions.

Hillary Clinton has spoken of her love of Planned Parenthood’s racist, eugenist Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, we have aborted over 15 million innocent black babies since Roe v. Wade.

Margaret Sanger’s vision to keep the black population down has thrived thanks to democratic policies of funding Planned Parenthood.



“Throw money at it” is the Democratic Party way of handling our education system.

Despite all this funding, we are falling behind other countries. We are forcing children to attend poorly resourced and unsafe schools.

When conservative politicians suggest vouchers (which polls show that vouchers are supported by most young, black parents) as a way to get poor inner-city children out of unsafe and poor performing schools, democrats fight against it.



At the heart of the liberal mindset is entitlement.

Welfare and free healthcare to those who don’t want to work.

Let’s hand everyone a trophy for participating. We are all winners. Screw personal accomplishment.

Millennials are growing up thinking that each one of them is a super star.

When they get to the workplace they want promotions based on their “greatness” as opposed to hard work, knowledge or experience.


Raising Children

Gone are the days where we could discipline our children.

Liberal philosophy of parenting is now law. No spanking, no discipline. We are all winners.

How is that working out?

Are today’s children as respectful to their parents, their elders or authority figures such as teachers and police?

Don’t waste your breath. The answer is NO!


All People Are Good…Not

While Muslims are migrating all over the world, they are protesting and fighting to impose their Sharia law on the countries that take them in.

Huge protests are taking place in Europe with angry Muslims (many who go on welfare), wanting to force their sick way of life onto the host country.

Democrats are too afraid to use the term “radical Islam.”

How often did Hillary Clinton discuss it during her campaign run? While the democrats want us to think that Muslims are not a threat, the republicans want a strong defense and are not pussy footing around the issue.


Victim Mentality versus Personal Accountability

A large part of the liberal mentality is victimhood.

This allows for people to exploit the issue of race to justify personal failure.

It prevents one from seeing that America has progressed. It fails to explain how Obama won twice. It fails to admit that we have progressed as a nation.

Yes racism still exists, but the opposing forces are there to help combat it.

Should an employer practice discriminatory hiring or practices they will be subject to lawsuits, bad press, boycotts, protests and other actions that will damage the company.

The realistic conservative will acknowledge that racism exists, but will point out that America today is not America of the 1950s or 1960s.

Liberalism fails to acknowledge progress.


Safe Spaces and Segregation: How Education is Not Preparing Our Youth for the Real World

The problem with safe spaces is that safe spaces are not part of the real world.

Once millennials enter the job force they may be disappointed to find there is no safe space assigned for them when they get butt hurt at work.

When black liberals want separate graduations how is that preparing those graduates for the real world.

Will their employer provide segregationist “pro-black” practices?


Environmentalism’s Waste of Money and Job Killing

The Democratic Party is not short on liberal hypocrites.

While Al Gore, who received a D in science (with grades in college worse than George W. Bush), predicts the apocalypse and has a residence that uses 32 times more electricity than the average household, it is a little hard to take his environmentalism seriously.

Numerous scientists have come out and explained that global warming is not based in science, but the democrats want to add billions of dollars in regulation, killing job expansion.


Fight against Free Speech

Liberals believe they are the chosen ones to decide what you can talk about.

We have seen how college liberals go bonkers when their university invites someone like conservative journalist Milo Yiannopolous or Ann Coulter.

The fight against free speech is one of the many common beliefs that liberalism and communism have in common.


The Party of Good Intentions and Negative Outcomes

Time and time again we have seen well-meaning liberal policies fail our country.

Lyndon Johnson wanted to eliminate poverty, but in his attempt to fight against poverty, LBJ created generational welfare and fatherless homes.

Prior to LBJ’s Great Society, only 25 percent of black homes were without fathers.

Now that number is above 70 percent in large part because qualifying for welfare is contingent upon the father’s absence.

This problem is becoming more commonplace for whites and Latinos as well.

Nice way to promote family values, right?


Terms like “Microagression”, “Triggered” and “Cultural Appropriation

Thanks to liberals, the wussification of America is in full swing.


Love of Communism

Liberals’ love of big government mirrors communist thought.

The main problem with the Democratic Party is that while having good intentions, it fails to examine its policy.

Lyndon Johnson’s failed war on poverty shows us that government dependence does not help people get back on their feet.

It keeps them from doing so because why work if the government will provide income and free healthcare?

Liberalism is based on arguments of emotion, rather than statistics and well-thought out policies.