Zuckerberg: Candidate for US President 2020? Why I Will Welcome It If He Tries

By John White    November 5, 2017

An interesting article popped up in my feed this morning!

“Dear Democrats, Unless you Nominate mark Zuckerberg, Donald Will Win in 2020”

Kevin Currie for Observer.com writes:

“But he’s nothing if not a wildly ambitious guy, and I suspect the job would suit him well. From the Zuckerberg perspective, he could see in the Democratic Party what he might see in a potential acquisition target for Facebook: A company with decent historical fundamentals (FDR, JFK, etc); a crummy recent CEO (Debbie Wasserman Schultz); a botched product launch (the 2016 election); a weak balance sheet (DNC total fundraising in July 2017 was $3.8M vs. the RNC’s $10.2M); a fractious, incestuous, self-sabotaging top-tier of executives (DWS, Donna Brazile, Bernie Sanders, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton); an appealing competitive landscape (Trump 2020) Legions of loyal users (Clinton’s 65+ million votes). It’s not the most enticing investment, to be sure, but it’s one that probably tugs at his business instinct to buy low, sell high. Once you hit rock bottom, after all, there’s nowhere to go but up.”

Currie also goes on to give seven main points as to why he think Zuckerberg can be a strong challenger with an explanation for each, and these are the summing up lines for each:

(Currie’s opinions, not mine):

He’ll be able to play the political outsider card heavier and harder than Trump.

Zuckerberg doesn’t need a dime of anyone elses money.

Zuckerberg is the most effective Tech CEO in America.

He understands the media Ecosystem. Hell, at this point, he basically owns the media Ecosystem.

Zuckerberg’s a family man- with a family that is the “Modern Family” to his opponents “Real housewives”.

He will reject all the tropes, traps and talking points that have led the Democrats into trouble.

Kamala who? (by which Currie means, the Democratic party is berift of any half way decent looking candidates from within their ranks)

I recommend reading the article in full:

But the essence of it is, speculating that Zuckerberg could come into the Democratic Party and challenge Trump in 2020. Of course that is only speculation: yet an immediately intriguing one.

Now Curries points may sing music to the ears of frustrated progressives who see Zuckerberg as a champion of one world open border globalism, indeed his public comments this week on the DACA Question have been directly challenging the 45th POTUS:

You ARE American: Zuckerberg hosts Dreamers at his home, slams Trumps ‘troubling’ DACA Decision

For those who may not know, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a measure that was set in place by Obama signing an executive order without referring to congress that directly contradicts American Immigration Law. 

It said that those who entered America illegally as children should be enabled to stay in the country and has been applied to 800,000 individuals since it was set up. 

I shan’t get into the details of criticising DACA here, other than to say it has been hugely controversial and blamed for encouraging people smuggling and illegal entry, because of the message it sends: get your kid to the US and they can become American: as well as being criticised for not complying with the lawful process of the US Constitution. 

Against that, supporters praise the aspirational ethics and Globalist One World Vision the measure champions, and use the finely crafted “PR” term “The Dreamers” (Oh! Who could object to a word like that?) to characterize the individuals in the program…

So, the stage being set. What do I think about all this?

Well I don’t share the views of Kevin Currie: but I LOVE the idea of Zuckerberg standing.

Firstly, because the Democratic Party is right on its arse at the moment. In democracy it is important to have vigorous opposition but with the loss of Congress, the Senate and the Presidency, and the scandals surrounding fixing the primaries to freeze out Sanders so Clinton was certain to be candidate, the DNC WikiLeaks and the corruption they exposed, the dirty election tricks and just the sleazy reputation of all the leading Dems, plus the paranoid hyperbole of the “Russia Russia” narrative, Comey, Lorreta Lynch, the Clinton Emails, Huma Abedin, Weiner, Spirit Cooking, Podesta, #Pedogate, Wasserman Schultz, Seth Rich’s murder, Sanders rolling over like a good sheepdog: the whole 9 yards!

Oh yes, its easy to see why fresh outside talent coming in looks like such an attractive prospect to commentators like Currie! And in this, I have to agree: they need to do SOMETHING, and as far as it goes, if Zuckerberg was prepared to take on Trump, then fair enough, as far as love, war and politics goes.

I still hold with the idea I called for at the time: a mass petition of all truthspeakers having their speech chilled to band together make a huge noise and demand answers as to WTF is going on, from Facebook, directly….

So, in welcoming a potential Zuckerberg candidacy we already have these potential positives: 1) it would make for a strong contest, and 2) Facebook and other Tech firms have a lot of questions to answer that such a candidate would enable activists to highlight and get the issues of the hidden power of Silicon Valley scrutinised by the public at large.

Therefore BRING IT ON I say! I welcome the opportunities such a candidacy would represent, challenging the cult of progressivism, the agenda of the tech giants and promoting a new evolution of society.

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