For Black People to Progress, Black Culture Must Die!

By Billy Ash    November 4, 2017

If people really want to see black people integrate into the society, leaving the victimhood mentality and resentment for white people behind – people need to realize that every single aspect of black american culture must fucking DIE.

When I reference black american culture, I am NOT just referencing the thug culture. I am talking about Rap, Hip-Hop, Beyoncé, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock (there is NOT one black comedian who doesn’t use race in their routines), black euphemisms, black slang, Ebonics, every iteration of the N-word, bling (why do fucking black people, especially men love chains, jewelry, and large watches?), the awful black dialect (somehow black people have managed to keep this around), attire, Pro Sports (the Raiders have an all-black roster) and the stupid moniker “African American” – ALL MUST GO.

Everyone needs to stop supporting black american culture on all levels or black people will continue demanding to be treated as a separate group within America.

Black american culture is 1000 percent “exclusionary.” Black people do not have the right to create a culture that defines all black people in America. Black american culture stains those of us who couldn’t give a damn about racial identity or living in a cultural BOX. I have NEVER EVER in my life referred to myself as African American.

The Emancipation Proclamation was signed 150 years ago. Today, black and white people should be the SAME in terms of culture (American Culture), with the only difference being the pigmentation of skin.

Yet, we are so far from this outcome that it is ridiculous. Charlottesville, Va., is the direct result of black american culture. The number of white supremacists who show-up to these rallies is small – typically less than 100 (nationwide their numbers are less than 30k – America has 320 million people), yet black people are so thin skinned and insecure about their identity, that they show up to these rallies and incite violence in the name of combating racism.

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Had black people and white apologist zombies stayed home, the supremacists would have failed in EPIC fashion – remaining completely irrelevant. Instead, black people and white apologist zombies single-handily gave the supremacists exactly what they wanted – MEDIA COVERAGE.

Hell, even David Duke is scoring media interviews. Dave Duke had faded into obscurity until the rise of the War on White People, Obozo’s endless pandering to anyone who is not white, the white privilege narrative and of course the dreaded false narratives of Black Lives Matter.

When it comes to race relations (two words we shouldn’t have to use together), we have reached an impasse with NO solution in sight as black people have successfully corrupted enough white people in this country (creating an army of white apologist zombies) that correcting the course has become an impossibility.

In terms of discussing social and so called racial relations in America, I hardly know where to begin – seriously.

I was raised outside of black american culture throughout my childhood in the 1970’s and 1980’s. My father worked in tech and as a result we (mother, brother, and sister) moved often, in fact we moved eight times (eight states throughout the mid, east coast, and west coast) before I started Jr High.

My parents (especially father) were very insistent on living away from black people and the so called black community – self identifying as “black” was not going to be a component of our psychological makeup.

One cannot be an individual when one’s psyche and behavior is bound by predetermined likes, dislikes, and expectations dictated by culture and race. I was raised to be an individual, one who thinks for himself and one who has confidence in his own abilities and judgement.

I spent the critical years of my early childhood in eight states. I lived in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, California, and NYC before starting Kindergarten in a small town in Wisconsin in 1976 (lived in Missouri, Texas, Indy, and eventually California – post Wisconsin).

The town was largely white at the time and today is still largely white at 94 percent. This small town represents some of the best years of my childhood. I was the only black kid in my class and one of a few in the entire school – yet race was never an issue.

I never felt isolated, was well liked, never felt inferior or discriminated against, and of course had friends. In fact, my best friend, who I met on the first day of Kindergarten was named Dawn.

Dawn was white and blond. We were inseparable – had an amazing amount of fun during school, after school, weekends and during long summer vacations (real summer vacations) until I moved in the summer of 1979.

We spent a ridiculous amount of time together. She slept over at my house, I slept over at her house, we walked to school together, listened to Kiss together, sledding in the winter, built our own Frosty The Snowman, Shakey’s Pizza on the weekends, stargazing competitions (where we would compete to see who could find the constellations the fastest – Big Dipper, Little Dipper, etc) and so on.

I never viewed her as white, I viewed her as my best friend.

During those years I never thought 2017 would be filled with so much disorder, anti-social behavior, and racial division. I envisioned a country where race truly didn’t matter. I envisioned a “Jetson’s Future” – not a future that resembles something from the outer limits of the twilight zone.

What the hell happened!? Fuck, I sound like HRC now – sorry. Just kidding.

The aggrievement of black people is what happened.

Following the death of MLK, black people headed into the opposite direction (a death spiral) as they were discouraged by the assassination/death of King. This about face resulted in black people refusing to continue with assimilation into society, instead opting to forge a new culture – a culture that black people could claim as their own……enter black american culture.

This pro black american culture has resulted in an entire race of people who continue to embrace a social disposition from 1950’s and 1960’s – a social disposition that is driven by victimhood and fueled by what black people characterize as systematic racism and marginalization by white people in America.

A disproportionate number of black people believe that every single aspect of their life is affected by the color of their skin or as I like to say – they wake in the morning to contemplate the color of their skin.

I have never perceived disappointments and failures in life as having anything to do with being black.

Black people have yet to realize that character defines people NOT race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or profession.

If this was Star Trek, black people are the BORG (a vast collection of “drones”, or cybernetic organisms).

The majority have no idea what it means to function as an individual, yet they somehow believe that black american culture makes them unique. They listen to the same type of music, dress in a similar fashion, share the same dialect, and have identical political and societal views. In essence, though for decades blacks have agitated relentlessly and publicly for integration, they’ve historically isolated themselves without coercion from outside forces.

The biggest problem I have with attempts to address and rectify the anti-social behavior of black people in America is that no one focuses on the “root cause.”

Contrary to popular belief, the financial and societal woes of black people in America aren’t caused by violent crime, out of control pregnancy rates, and fatherless homes. These are merely the byproducts of a much larger and insidious issue.

Black people have long corrupted themselves from generation to generation to generation. In my opinion, parents are doing more harm than good by teaching their children about slavery or racism of the past. It’s a form of indoctrination, and it teaches impressionable youth to view themselves as captives instead of conquerors. That’s counterproductive.

Even though my parents experienced racism growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s, they never discussed racism or slavery of the past with their children. I learned about slavery and racism in first grade history class like every other child – and that is where the lesson remained.

We never engaged in a single conversation about what it means to be “so called” black in America, no talks about “how” to behave in the presence of authority figures, and definitely no talks about “white privilege.”

How can one have a progressive future if they are raised on the past? A future in which one dictates their own destiny without limitations or expectations based on race, ethnicity or the expectations of society based on race or ethnicity.

There is not ONE single aspect of my personality or character that has been forged by the color of my skin – not ONE. I am often shocked when people assume I am liberal because I am black, that I listen to Hip-Hop or Rap because I am black, that I was raised in a black neighborhood, or that I have black friends because I am black.

I absolutely despise being addressed as Bro, Brother, My Brother, Brotha, or G.

Black people are “NOT” my concern and I don’t have a single black friend. I do not care about black people specifically, “I care about people.”

Black people ONLY comprise 13.5 percent of the population in this country. This statistic alone says it’s impractical for a black man or woman to confine his or her interactions to the neighborhoods and communities from which they come. The world is much bigger than the “ghetto.”

Black people’s affinity for segregation is the dumbest fucking thing ever. They scream about racism and white privilege while simultaneously and intentionally isolating themselves from the rest of society.

This isolation is completely detrimental to the growth of ANY child and only serves as a stepping stone to a lifetime of aggrievement and insecurity.

These kids never learn the valuable lesson that “people are people” – that character defines people not race, ethnicity, gender, or profession. I do not care if you’re White, Black, Andorian Blue, or Orion Green.

Parents are “responsible” for ensuring that their children grow-up to be well balanced, free of prejudice, logical, rational, and have confidence in their own judgement. My personality is ruled by rational and logical thought, not emotions, not sensibilities, and NOT the identity of being black – PERIOD.


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