For America’s Sake, It’s Time to Get Rid of Identity Politics. Now!

By Gabriel Jones    November 5, 2017

Within the United States, political factions are so heavily at odds with each other, philosophical civil war has been well underway for at least a year now.

Yet most of the dilapidated mainstream media continues to insist that at the core of all our world problems is a faltering of attention toward the cult of identity politics.

It’s not just our press that pushes this projected sense of reality. You can map this culture of uniformity to all of the institutions dominated by the religion of postmodernism. Universities demand we adhere to gender pronouns. Professors are fired for the slightest deviation from ruling opinion. Students with conservative political views are met with public scorn and even failing grades by other brainwashed professors.

Box office starved Hollywood flicks continue to peddle overly patronizing representations of minority groups. We get it. Women can kick ass now. Atomic Blonde wants us to think that a 5’10”, 150 lb. chick can knock out military grade men in three moves. Television keeps on telling us that every husband is the dopey, fat Peter Griffin with every wife being the wiser, more attractive Lois.

Musicians also fight the culture wars based on the demands of intersectionality. Pharrell Williams in his political speech insisted at the VH1’s 2017 Hip Hop Honors: The ’90s Game Changers that neo-Nazis are manipulating the white population into a grand scheme.

The decorated artist never explained the details or the end goal of these elusive Nazi’s plans. However, Pharrell did say, “They’re using you, okay?” Pharrell made his proclamations clear tying Trump’s agenda with White Supremacists’ goals when he said, “they keep talking about a wall, but the enemy is this divisive mentality. It’s on this side of the wall guys and girls, it’s already here, okay? The white nationalists are walking towards your future. What you gonna do?”

Rap/rock group Prophets of Rage portrayed President Trump as Adolf Hitler with African-Americans being hung by the noose in front of the White House in their recent music video.

None of these sensational actions of grandstanding have much basis in facts.

Unfortunately, that is exactly how intersectionality was designed to operate on the battlefield of ideas. Grouping up people based on the color of their skin, gender, sexuality, and religion. Telling them that believing in a contrived system of government is the only way the group will survive. Any questioning of this system is not just an attack on the system, but also an attack on your respective group.

So you might be asking, how is it profitable in modern world to go against the grain of identity politics? With the entire weight of polite society subtly coercing populations with psychological manipulations to adhere to group think, it may seem like career suicide. However, the success stories of dissident mavericks challenging this brand of status quo have been popping up with persistent regularity as of recent years.

Take the notorious Milo Yiannopoulos for example.

He is now the world renowned duke of trolls. Milo is a British gay economic nationalist conservative. Unlike most Right Wing figures, Milo understands the importance of culture as a tool to win the hearts and minds of voters. Through controversy and humor he has managed to make quite a bit of money through merchandise. Also and most notably, through his best selling book “Dangerous.”

This isn’t all for personal profit though. He played a pivotal role in electing Donald J. Trump into office by visiting as many college campuses, as time would permit, leading up to the wild 2016 election. Taking questions from allies and enemies alike, he has displayed that most of the cancers of the world can be defeated by unleashing free speech. Gracefully showing that the open marketplace of ideas quickly shines a light on how absurd identitarianism in America can be, when left unchecked.

Duke Trollington Yiannopoulos has become a beacon for people of various groups, especially homosexuals, to branch out of the narrow lane that postmodernism has regulated them to and achieve a higher level of potential. Milo and company will continue to hold Trump to the promises made during the campaign especially on immigration policy.

This identity based farce has been so heavily saturated into society, it was inevitable that someone would come along to turn the whole paradigm on its head. As much as it was an easy tool for success for the DNC, virtually leaving the mainstream GOP with hands tied behind their back in large portions of the country.

This allusion that collectivism would continue to serve everyone within the protected groups had long faded before the election. Trump merely pulled up a mirror to its ugly face. Historically blue states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania went to the unconventional Republican candidate.

Trump colored outside the lines. He brought subjects to the forefront that were considered taboo by the establishment. Toxic trade deals have affected people of all races, sexuality and creed. Illegal migration and unregulated Visa holders have wreaked havoc on the low wage earning jobholders. Artificially high labor pools keep the rise of the average wage stagnant. Over regulation of the Obama administration killed the prosperity of the medium to small business, which made labor participation rates decrease.

Reaching out to those who were forgotten by identity pandering. Trump won because he pulled in dormant Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. I could mention to you that Trump outperformed Romney on the Hispanic and Black vote, but it is irrelevant to the larger story at play.

Showing a real and lasting path to job security for millions of Americans was a unifying message, of which the Left was not prepared for. The American identity has much broader appeal. It includes all of the groups Progressives micromanage on a national level. The Trump campaign was able to successfully communicate how much domestic prosperity was being handed to foreign interests. Trump showed the North American elites that new establishments can be crafted.

My hope is that everyday people start to reject identity politics for their own personal gain. It does not require an epic college tour or an unconventional presidential campaign. Life hacking identity structures can be executed in more quiet ways as well. If you’re a 30 something year old white guy, try exploring music beyond Nickelback and Foo Fighters.

Rocking your head back and forth gets old fast.

There are so many new genres with better tunes to move and groove to. If you’re a Hispanic teenager, try out boogie boarding at the beach. If you like it, graduate to surfing. It is super relaxing and rewarding experience. Who knows, you might make friends you never would have normally run into. I’m too lazy to think of proper examples for every race, so all inclusiveness be damned.

You get my point.

Defying expectations and mixing up your environment works for the politics guys on a big scale, but also completely applies to the average Joe with everyday life. It’s like Neo finding out the Matrix is all fake. Once he does, he can morph the artificial world around him like a GOD.

Be your own god, forge your own establishment, and fuck what people think about you.