FACT: Democratic Leaders Exploit Immigrants to Gain Political Capital

By James Hill    November 9, 2017

The mere phrase “immigration reform” has often been the political Left’s euphemism for amnesty. But regardless of how many supermajorities the Democratic party has held, amnesty has never been achieved, at least not in the capacity that modern liberals would prefer.

The Left is not actually interested in amnesty. It is interested in the quest for amnesty because of the political capital it yields at the polls, manifested in primarily Hispanic and Asian votes for the Democratic ticket.

We are a nation of immigrants, not a nation of illegal immigrants.

At the same time we have always been a nation that has welcomed immigration when immigration follows our established laws and principles. But what if the immigration process is broken? What if immigrants are encouraged to emigrate to America illegally by a system that forces them to wait eleven to twenty years, and sometimes more, for due process?

Many immigrants come from third world countries with adverse socio-economic conditions. They have families to feed just like most Americans do. They have dreams and they have goals for a better future just like most Americans do. But unlike most Americans, they were not afforded the privilege of American citizenship by birth, so most Americans may never understand what it truly means to be an American and to have certain unalienable rights and freedoms bestowed upon them by entitlement.

Some illegal immigrants are criminals who ought to be detained, tried and then deported.

But many others are willing and able bodied laborers who simply want something better for themselves. I do not believe they are to blame for the broken state of the immigration process, but I do find the anonymous index of businesses in America contemptible for demanding cheap labor.

It is they who are largely to blame for the demand for undocumented workers, who they exploit. They pay them minimum wage and deduct from their earnings for Medicare, Social Security and other safety net programs in order to cloak them from discovery by immigration services.

Though undocumented workers already contribute to our economy and to our social programs, they themselves can never benefit from them for fear of discovery and extradition. Many undocumented workers are stranded in America. They came here with school or work visas and were misled by employers to overstay. Employers may manipulate them to overstay their visas with the false promise of permanent residency and visa extensions, which in many cases are not even possible under current state regulations.

Undocumented workers are faced with the unenviable choice of staying and continuing to work slave labor jobs, or turning themselves in, being deported and not being able to support their families abroad. When they choose the former, they are typically forced into horrible work conditions. One undocumented worker is made to work the task of two or three legal residents, and rests to complain.

My solution is a simple one.

Do not deport any of the some eleven million illegal immigrants who are already here in America. Find them, document them and offer them a path to citizenship. Do not give them citizenship outright, but give them a special kind of identification, a sort of temporary citizenship, which they can ratify by steering clear of any trouble with the law for two years minimum. If after two years their records are clean, they should be offered permanent work visas and then become eligible to apply for naturalized citizenship after five years of avoiding any trouble with the law.

Stipulate that after one has become a naturalized citizen of the United States, they may also begin to collect any benefits that any other American citizen may qualify for if they have already contributed tax dollars into the system (e.g.: Social Security, Medicare, etc.), provable by paychecks, paystubs or any qualifying receipt of contribution.

My solution is, practically speaking, to turn illegal immigrants into documented non-citizens. We must recognize that in a day and age when our employable youth is so conditioned to frown upon menial labor and denigrate the blue collar, foreign workers are the only hope for what remains of America’s manufacturing industrial complex. Foreign workers are the only workers who will settle for rudimentary wages and make due sacrifices in order to help their families. Minimum wage itself should be abolished, so as to make Americans more competitive here at home, but that is another topic.