Dear Black America, Quit Whining About ‘Reparations’ (You Don’t Deserve Free Money!)

By A.D. Schildkret    November 11, 2017

Dear angry, aggrieved liberals: I am sick and tired of the subject of reparations.

Reparations are like rewarding the great, great grandson of someone who was wronged in the slowest civil suit case in history.

The idea of reparations is like a judgment deemed in a civil suit. For justice to be served, the guilty and affected parties need to still be alive.

Today we have teenagers who are angry as f%#k over events that happened way before they were ejected from their father’s ball sack.

I have often overheard some aggrieved, black teenager going on about how the system is against him while older black Americans are telling these kids they have no idea what oppression is because they didn’t live through what they did.

Let me clarify something however. I am not against reparations had they occurred after Emancipation. Why not rectify the wrongs that were committed to the very people who were enslaved? Newsflash: It is too late. I’m sorry.

The fact that we are still discussing reparations is absurd. It is not going to erase history nor rectify those who suffered through slavery.

Reparations will never happen. But here is what we could look forward to if some bleeding heart, white-guilt liberal gets elected and pulls off the impossible:

Increased Poverty

Black Americans account for 13 percent of the general population, yet they disproportionately make up 38 percent of welfare recipients. It’s mind-boggling that some of them want ADDITIONAL handouts.

Is this going to teach black people the value of hard work?

What do they want our government to say?

“We’re sorry about what your great-great grandfather went through, so to make it all better, here is some money.”

This entitled mentality is only going to create generations of lazy children.


Poor Spending Habits

Black (liberal) Americans are well known for their piss-poor spending decisions.

Rather than save up for the car to go to work or acquire a better residence, many consumers will spend absurd amounts of money for the new Jordans or iPhone.

Blacks aren’t exactly known to save or invest either, so the cash handouts for what their ancestors went through would go to waste as fast as Mike Tyson’s winnings or MC Hammer’s fortune in the 90’s.

Comedian Cedric The Entertainer’s character in the movie “Barbershop” explained it best: Give black people reparations and it’ll make Cadillac the number one dealership in the country.

Can anyone say “Escalade.”



An actual form of reparation that would make some difference would be school vouchers or higher education.

If you hand out money with no stipulations however, there is a good chance it’s going to a Lincoln Navigator and/or some new Jordans.

Even if it is spent on higher education, many universities are churning out angry, aggrieved, self-centered, liberal, entitled students still living with their parents.

Ironically when conservatives suggest vouchers to help children from the inner-city to go to safer and better schools, democrats become protective of the failing public school system. They want children to go to unsafe schools where there is no accountability of where all our taxes and state lottery money go.


Reproductive Education

How many people would use the money toward reproductive and STD education? Abortion is rampant in the black community with over 1500 innocent black babies per day put to death via government spending. What percentage of those receiving reparations will use the funds for addressing this problem or STD prevention, as black women are more likely to contract HIV than any other group of people in the United States.



How much of the money will be used to address fatherless homes? Thanks to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, liberal policies reversed the percentage of fathers in the home. Prior to the Great Society, 70 percent of black families were intact. Afterward, the welfare system reversed this and now 70 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers. How many receiving reparations will address this issue?


Floodgates and Bankruptcy

Imagine if the United States actually started paying out black people for what dead black people went through? How many other groups were wronged? I am half-Jewish. Should I petition the German government for money or should I petition the United States for money due to the Holocaust? What about how the Chinese were used for railroads? What about the Japanese who were interned during World War II. Where does it stop? More importantly, where would the money come from?