An Open Letter To Black People: Stop Blaming White America For Your Problems

By Cory Alexander Haywood    November 11, 2017
Once again, I have to be the voice of truth. So here it goes…

The more you Negroes complain about what the White man isn’t giving you, the weaker you look to him and everybody else watching.

The more you complain about what you’re owed from the White man, the harder it will be for others to respect you. 
The more you kick and scream about the protection of Black lives against police brutality, the dumber you look when Fox News releases statistics about the alarming homicide rate within urban communities. 
How dare you ask for the respect of the entire world, when it’s clear that you don’t even respect yourselves? 
You kill each other. You rape each other. You degrade each other. You objectify each other. You vilify each other. You sabotage each other. You envy each other. You abandon each other. You disrespect each other. You tear each other down…
The white man isn’t your worst enemy. The police aren’t your worst enemy. Fuck what your pastor says, Satan isn’t your worst enemy. 
Black people, get it through your thick skulls: YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY
Look at yourselves in the mirror! Go on—look! You wanna know what I see? I see a bunch of weak, chocolate bitches who wouldn’t know what to do with power if it fell into their lap. 
How do you expect to take control of the country, when you can’t even control your own neighborhoods?


I have a simple question for the Black race: Who the fuck do you think you are? I’ll ask again: Who the fuck do you niggas think you are? 

Never-mind what your ancestors accomplished, what the fuck have you done lately that qualifies you to expect special treatment from anybody? 

The Black church is in disarray. The Black family structure is broken beyond repair. Black students are trailing hopelessly behind other minority groups in the classroom. Black neighborhoods are falling apart at the seams due to a continuous cycle of violence and moral ineptitude. Black leaders and organizations constantly put their own interests ahead of the welfare of the Black community. Black men continue to abandon the mothers of their children. Black women continue to objectify themselves on social media by uploading twerking videos and naked selfies. Black preachers have the gall to request multi-million dollar donations from their congregations so that they can purchase jumbo jets and lavish penthouses so high in the sky that they aren’t even in touch with the issues affecting their own flock. 

Black people, I urge you to get your own house in order before you go sweeping the White man’s porch. 

How long will you keep asking the White man for handouts? How long will you do cartwheels and jump through hoops for the White man’s approval? How long will you keep patronizing his businesses? How long will you rely on his gratitude and understanding?

Black people, as you complain and shift blame on others for your shortcomings, other minorities continue to advance politically, socially, and economically. 
Latinos have worked hard to improve their place in society (and if you hadn’t noticed, they are quietly, but quickly, establishing themselves as one of the most powerful minority groups on American soil.) 
The Chinese have also worked tirelessly to obtain their own slice of the American pie (and they now are the richest community in America). 
Black people, your own brothers and sisters from the motherland, African immigrants, don’t respect you because they know you have squandered every resource and opportunity available to you as citizens of the freest country in the world. 
It’s seems to me as if black people ought to stop marching in the streets to protest police misconduct, and instead, start marching to the unemployment office to find a damn job. 
Black people, you aren’t in a position to make demands—you have no power, leverage or credibility. Try getting these things before you attempt to destroy the so called  “system”. 
Black people, respect is earned not given. The world doesn’t respect you. The world laughs at your jokes; cheers when you score touchdowns; and sings along to your music. But there’s no respect involved.


The Black Lives Matter movement consists of a bunch of wannabe activists who are more concerned with publicity and attention than addressing and correcting the real issues. 

Change won’t come from the hands of those who protest via Twitter. Change won’t come from the hands of those who set fire to their own communities in the name of black progress. Change won’t come from the two fat bitches who bogarted their way on stage to interrupt Bernie Sanders two years ago as he was delivering a campaign speech to his supporters.

Black people, unless you change your actions for the better, the condition of your community will remain the same. 

Shut the fuck up and get a clue.