White Supremacy vs. Black Supremacy: Is There a Difference?

By John White    September 18, 2017

I had another one of “those” questions thrown at me: “Is it a false equivalence to compare White Supremacy to Black Supremacy?” to which I sat back with that “oh boy” feeling and put my thinking cap on…

To be frank, the answer is N-O. It’s NOT: for they are both versions of the same destructive mindset that seeks to retreat from the world rather than engage, impose by force rather than talk and make deals, and would rather burn it all down than change. 

And that makes them BOTH dangerous to the REAL America, if either get out of control, metastize in a neighbourhood, and start causing real mayhem.

Moral equivalence is the big sin of our age: taking two bad groups and deciding which is less bad than the other, and then making excuses for one while condemning the other along rigid partisan lines. A hypocrasy that is eternally facepalmed by those with eyes to see…

And this stops real communication amongst the bulk of the real people: the moderate middle who can’t stand all this race bullshit and just want everyone to get along, but are tied up not knowing how to talk about the issues without causing offence. I promise you: that’s the real silent majority: the 90 percent of Americans who just want to be American.

The problem with extremists isn’t that their numbers are large: it’s when their numbers get focused, when 5 percent of a community can start to use violence and intimidation to cow the 95 percent and start getting their own way with laws and policies.

The numbers say, there are 900 “hate groups” in the USA and around 200 are black supremacist. The other 700 are varied form of white supremacist anti-jew anti-muslim. 

While it’s hard to know the size of these groups, if membership averages 100, that’s 90,000 extremist supremacists, if it’s 1000, it’s 900,000, but against the US population of 350,000,000, does that not help gain some perspective?

No matter how this LOOKS through the lens of the media: Supremacists DONT have to win, if the American people as a whole stand up to them, peacefully, through the rule of law and demonstrating UNITY: all Races: all colours: all American: TOGETHER!

It’s the positive American identity: uniting around shared love of Nation, coupled with a determination to demand honesty and real solutions to the problems, especially chronic inequality, that will take America forward.

That best destiny needs people dedicated to creating that unity, to work hard for society, and to make sure society truly delivers.

We ARE justified: To condemn both “Black” and “White” “Supremacy” – EQUALLY!

before I start talking about other people’s points of view, lets start getting this straight about my own:

I stand for lawful free society. Basically, people getting on reasonably and solving their problems peacefully, and if necessary, through the law. And for the law to be set by the Government, chosen from the people for the people by the people. Democracy.

And when I look at any form of “supremacy” in the world today, “white supremacy,” “black supremacy,” I see the SAME mindset, intolerance, prejudice, people’s views being twisted into a destructive form, with their actual culture merely the excuse: for the same brutalised pattern of thought! 

Same pattern of thought: same psychological drivers: same (similar) ideas: same bullshit: more victims, of every race, of every colour, worldwide!

Some people will get this, some people wont, but nonetheless: that is what I see.

So what is this “supremacy” mindset?

“Supremacy” is a social stress reaction: 

When people are marginalised economically, socially, feel frustrated powerless and unheard, then people turn inwards to survival instincts and “those more like us”. And this contains the risk, that IF the circumstances are right, it can become a mass-psychology virus. 

Lets be honest about America: It is founded, in part, on “White Supremacy”. When those Pilgram Fathers landed from Plymouth, many of them had fine aspirations, indeed, they were expelled from England on matters of religious principle, but the struggle to survive they encountered soon eroded fine ideals.

For all the story telling of sharing the Turkey, we all know what really happened, and the Warfare against native tribes that continued as the wave of settlement continued over the next 200 years to “win” the West.

And for all Jeffersons “All men are created equal”, it took the American Civil War to eliminate LEGAL White Supremacy from the US Constitution, and the Civil Rights movement 100 years later to create Legal Equality.

Yet is it therefore any surprise that shit poor bottom rung Whites are going to look at their history with a romanticised supremacist lens and hold to the prejudice of their forefathers?

Meanwhile, black supremacists hold to an aspirational that glorifies (and imagines) virtues for their origin culture to create a narrative of their “true” superiority and holds the almost prophetic belief that American Society is bound to collapse and that from the wreckage, the “black race” will emerge… in this, its not hard to see that US black supremacy has developed in reaction and as a mirror too the history of American slavery.

Supremacy movements have always bubbled under the surface of American Society, and we all know the times they broke through. They are divisive and polarising movements of people who develop fundamentalist rigid mindsets where they emotionally shut down to, and dehumanise, those they have chosen to be “to blame”.

The politics of division, especially around Race Identity, has produced the very fertile ground that produced Trump, as white people especially reacted to having the guilt trip of “white privilege” shoved down their throats.

Equally, many of the movements have been concerned with real injustice and the clearly dis-proportionate treatment of ethnic groups by the US Justice system, especially blacks. While it might be said that communities need to have a look at themselves too, it cannot be denied society owes these communities answers and change.

As you read these words, especially if you reside in the US, that’s going to depend, at least in part, on you, because as part of American society, you are either embodying the solution or feeding the problem…

John White is a free thinking, truth speaking, independent maverick from the old school, crafting perspectives for tomorrow and today.