HARDCORE POETRY: A Ghetto Without Cops

By Cory Alexander Haywood
This is going to get me in some trouble. But when I see foolishness, it’s difficult for me to look the other way.

Granted, I’ve personally watched police use excessive force to subdue suspects (and in many cases the victims are black). 
That aint’ right.
However, I’ve also witnessed a lot of “nigga shit” over the years, and occasionally these idiots deserve what they get from police. 
Either way, it annoys me to hear black folk say “we’d be better off without police.” 
As someone who still lives in the “ghetto,” I can safely say that without the presence of law enforcement, black neighborhoods would be in a whole mess of trouble. Here’s a poem to paint the picture:  
A Ghetto without Cops
One nigga, two niggas, three niggas dropped,
‘Cause bullets went flying, and there were no cops.
Four niggas, Five niggas, Six niggas stole,
‘Cause there were no cops lurking on patrol,
Seven niggas, Eight niggas, Nine niggas raped,
‘Cause there were no cops and women weren’t safe,
Ten niggas, Twelve niggas, Twenty niggas pillaged,
‘Cause there were no cops to protect the Village.
“Come back!” “Come back!” ol’ poor niggas cried,
‘Cause without cops, their neighborhood died.
Black people: Be careful what you ask for