5 Reasons Why White People Have Become The Dumbest Racists in America

By Jason Lewis    August 14, 2017
What ever happened to the good old days when racism was more…low key?
It was a period of passive racism that began shortly after the crack epidemic ravished black neighborhoods across the country. As if the drugs weren’t fucked up enough, the 1980’s and 1990’s ushered in a wave of gang violence that flipped ghettos upside down and morphed them into war zones where gunshots rang out more than doorbells. 

The media struck fear in the hearts of white folk who would cringe as they watched biased news coverage of the government-engineered madness spinning out of control in Black America. These images spawned countless negative stereotypes and reinforced others, cultivating a narrative that continues to follow black people today. 

In other words, for more than three decades, white people feared niggers and their racist actions were usually rooted in terror. 

I accepted this reality at an early age – which is why I wasn’t particularly offended when white women would lock their car doors and clutch their purses whenever I walked by. 

Other common paradigms of racism I encountered as a youth were things like being followed by white employees while I shopped for clothes at the mall; being shot disapproving glances when I would go out in public with my one and only white girlfriend; being interrogated by my white teachers who couldn’t understand how my take-home essays were always skillfully and meticulously written; and then of course, on a regular basis, I would share the infamous “Driving While Black” experience with my dad, a former college-defensive end who would instinctively cower in the presence of White police officers. 

Yes, these were the good old days – when racism would rear its ugly head in the most discrete and sophisticated ways. But that seems like eons ago. Recent incidents have proven that America is returning to its old self – and white folk are returning to their old racist methodology. 
One thing that the carnage in Charlottesville, Virginia has proved is that we have a pretty stupid group of white racists on our hands.

Two weeks ago, Peter Cvjetanovic, 20, told KTVN that he traveled from Reno, NV, to Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

His presence didn’t go unnoticed. 

A photo of him holding a tiki torch, with rage draped all over his face, went viral and triggered a wave of media attention.  

For a brief period of time, and to his dismay, Cvjetanovic became a reluctant figurehead of the White Nationalist movement. 

Despite the army of photographers and camera-phone holders surrounding the protest, Cvjetanovic told reporters that he never expected the frightening image to gain national attention.

“I came to this march for the message that white European culture has a right to be here just like every other culture,” Cvjetanovic opined. “It is not perfect; there are flaws to it, of course. However I do believe that the replacement of the statue will be the slow replacement of white heritage within the United States and the people who fought and defended and built their homeland. Robert E Lee is a great example of that. He wasn’t a perfect man, but I want to honor and respect what he stood for during his time.”

Cvjetanovic, who attends the University of Nevada, Reno, says that he is not the “angry racist” that is portrayed in a viral photo of him carrying a torch at a white nationalist protest rally, reports Rawstory.com 

“I did not expect the photo to be shared as much as it was,” he noted. “I understand the photo has a very negative connotation. But I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I’m not the angry racist they see in that photo.”

Soooo… you mean to tell me, that in the year 2017, with all of the advancements in education and technology, these angry white folks are dumber than Ku Klux Klan members in some backwoods town over 100 years ago?  

The Klan was smart enough to put on a hood to hide their identity.  

Those Klan members were able to operate in government, law enforcement, and local business because they kept their racist identities a secret.  

This new crop of racist white folks apparently don’t believe in anonymity. They have got to be the worst racists ever.  

These young white folks will put on black face, or attend some racist party like the Compton Cookout, where they dress up like black gang members, or Cinco de Drinko, where they dress up like Mexicans. 

They’ll take photos and videos and post them on social media and then they’re shocked when they get in trouble.  

There was one video a couple years ago that showed a white man throwing all kind of racial slurs at a black man. 

The black guy was clearly filming the incident with his camera phone, but the white guy didn’t seem to care. Well, not until he figured out that he was going to lose his job. At that point he tried to apologize to the black guy. It didn’t work, the black guy still posted the video and the white guy got fired. 

Black people have come a long way since the end of slavery and segregation.  While the media will paint a picture of black communities in dire straits, many of us go to college.  Many of us are professionals.  

Many of us are doctors, lawyers, politicians, and high ranking officers at major corporations.  One of us even became the President of the United States of America. 

Since was have bettered ourselves, we deserve a better class of racist. 

Message to White Nationalist.  When you’re participating in racist activities, don’t show your face to the entire world!