Nevermind Illegals, Donald Trump Needs To Deport Clueless Black Liberals

By RC Maxwell
I have a love/hate relationship with the term “woke.”

On one hand, it’s imperative for black folk to be in touch with the issues that affect their community. That’s a given.
But ever since the release of “Get Out,” and Donald Glover’s remake of the song “Redbone,” niggas have been doing the MOST to appear socially conscious, when in fact, they’re just hopping on the civil rights bandwagon like everyone else.
Let’s be clear – we don’t live in a post-racial era, and more often than not, the sting of bigotry and discrimination impacts African Americans to a harsher degree than any other ethnic group. I’m not disputing that.
Minorities shouldn’t ignore America’s protracted history of racial insensitivity, particularly as it relates to black people.
However, let’s pump the brakes on any notion that suggests being “woke” requires full compliance with the beliefs and worldviews of Black America.
That’s both stupid and highly myopic. 
So if black people suddenly declare that 2+2=5, should I just go with the flow and forfeit my knowledge of simple math?
Give me a break.
I like the term “woke” because it hilariously makes people feel like they’re smarter, or more enlightened, then they actually are.
I’m also skeptical of the word because it’s often used by left-wing anarchists who believe that 9/11 was an inside job.
The line between “woke” and being simply out of touch with reality is quite blurry especially within the context of the black community.
If someone were to do a historical analysis of the term “woke,” I’d bet that it originated in the black community, popularized by the afro centrist movements of the mid to late twentieth century.
In 2017, if you’re black and consider yourself woke, then you’re probably someone like Cory Booker (D-Sen), a longtime member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).
The CBC proved to be nothing more than a left wing political front when the group withdrew opposition to a crime bill pushed by then First Lady Hilary Clinton that resulted in mass incarceration of black youth.
Additionally, members of the CBC’s Political Action Board have known ties to private prison organizations and big tobacco.
Booker continues to push the CBC’s agenda. He’s even come out against President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, somehow making it an issue of anti-blackness saying the country “should not go back to a time when millions of people – most of them poor and minorities – were silenced through disenfranchisement.”
Well if you’re black and you think that President Trump’s commission – which is aimed at investigating collusion between illegal immigrants and U.S. ballot boxes – is about disenfranchising black Americans, you’re likely a liberal and you ain’t “woke.”
The CBC and other monolithically black organizations like Black Lives Matter and the contemporary NAACP exists for one purpose: to serve the interests of national left wingers.
If you blindly follow these organizations then you too are merely the result of master puppeteering by white liberalism.
Those of you who are sleeping on politicians like Tim Scott and his liberty based ethics can’t even explain why you oppose him and concepts of black conservative “wokeness.”
Let’s assume for a moment that black liberals and their group think methodology is good.
When was the last time you saw a group of Black Lives Matter activists speaking out against climate change?
Name a speech where a black Reverend spoke out against gender constructions or normativity imposed by “toxic masculinity”?
I’ll wait.
The interests of the Democratic party do align with the interests of the black community, but blacks continue to vote for left wing politicians in droves.
We know who the puppet masters are here: the Clintons, the corporate global empire, George Soros.
But the most significant figures of the modern-day black liberal movement are the regressive thinking people it consists of:  
Black Radical
This is perhaps the most outspoken of all black liberals in the community. This person is known to cite Malcom X without realizing that Malcom X was killed by the same radicals that gave rise to his prominence in the 1960s because he questioned the ethics of Elijah Mohammed’s womanizing. 
This is someone who likely refuses to engage in the voting process yet feels the need to question every candidate that his left-wing masters characterize as “racist” via mainstream media outlets. 
These black liberals typically operate from a wide spectrum of channels, ranging from academia (Frank Wilderson) to social media (Shaun White). 
During political debates, they usually resort to ad hominem racial attacks and reel off names like Mike Brown, Philando Castile, and others whose deaths were exploited by left wingers for the purposes of political gain and inciting violence on law enforcement. 
These personas are likely unreachable and are bound to remain “radical” for life.
College Black Liberal
The saddest cases of college-aged black liberals are instances where these young black youths are radicalized not by someone in their own community, but by a classic, crocs-wearing white liberal. 
Essentially, the people in this category serve as pawns in a grand scheme to perpetuate a cycle of victimhood within the black community. 
Black college liberals understand the value of democracy, so they regularly exercise their right to vote (often showing support for candidates who secretly oppress their community with restrictive policies). 
Misinformed Maliks
“Misinformed Maliks” are the most infuriating of all types of black liberals to talk to. 
They often cite secondhand regurgitated CNN talking points and they’re easily swindled by unrealistic notions of debt forgiveness and wealth redistribution, but too inept to understand that such lofty promises are impossible to implement without restructuring the very foundation of the nation. 
Unlike other black liberals, the behavior of “Misinformed Maliks” are often hard to predict. Ignorance often gives way to confusion, which can breed hatred and anger. 
That confusion/anger dichotomy is why “misinformed Maliks” generally resort to violence in situations they don’t understand. (See L.A. riots, Ferguson etc…)
Professional Activist (Sophisticated Hustler)
Not be confused with woke blacktivists (black activist) like David Clarke, sophisticated hustlers exist principally to profit from the black community in the forms of books, events, and speaking fees. Sophisticated hustlers are suddenly present in the event of tragedy or misfortune to promote their own agenda. 
The Prototypical Black Jesus
The concept of a singular figure being chosen to represent an entire community is regressive. 
Black liberals, however, continue to follow the leadership of poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, despite both of them being exposed as false prophets time and time again. 
In the late 1980’s, Jackson became the central mouthpiece of Black America and thus it’s newly appointed savior. 
In 2008, Jackson slipped up (and subsequently faded into obscurity) after a recording of him surfaced in which he expressed a desire to castrate then-senator Barack Obama.
Despite being one of the most popular figures and black history, Obama ultimately failed to meet his campaign promises of hope and change. He was also reluctant to really tackle issues black Americans actually care about.
Black Liberals
Black liberals are a diverse bunch, but they remain controlled by left-wing, covert-racists who insist that black people can’t get IDs to vote, that black Americans need to be protected from society and financially propped up by the government. 
If you can’t see what’s obvious, chances are: you ain’t woke.

Disclaimer: The thoughts of R.C. Maxwell do not express the opinions of his employers.