Black People Oughta Be Happy About Trump’s Military Transgender Ban

By RC Maxwell
The Black community should be 100 percent on board with Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the military. 
Why? It’s simple. 

Trump’s ultimate goal is to reconnect America with its traditional morals and values. This aspiration coincides with several aspects of black culture. 

Throughout history, African Americans have demonstrated a cultural and social rigidity that few other minority groups can match. 

This stems from an unwavering devotion to orthodox Christianity, compounded with a monolithic understanding of modern society (ranging from politics to education).

Black conservatives generally recognize the importance of a traditional family paradigm in regard to the healthy development of children. 

Additionally, traditional black households employ specific male and female dynamics that conflict with the core ideals of gender fluidity (and thusly, transgenderism). 

With that said, the black community should applaud Trump for upholding timeworn principles – it’s the foundation on which multiple generations of black people have existed. 

But of course, Trump’s ban will likely fan the flames of hatred burning within the consciousness of Black America. 

Despite the cogency of his political intentions, the vast majority of American citizens suspect that Trump has covert plans to establish a new world order. 

In actuality, he associates with the old guard, and his views reflect a willful resistance to the inevitability of social evolution (especially when it threatens the fabric of good ol American values). 

So really, Trump’s not much different than black conservatives in terms of what he’s willing to embrace. 

If he were only a little darker… 

Many prominent black leaders have stressed the importance of family structures. 
From Jim Brown to Barack Obama’s Father’s Day speech in a Chicago church in 2008, traditional family values and two parent households have been a concept that members of the black community believe will resolve some of the systemic issues they face. 
In that Father’s Day speech, Obama chastised those fathers who “act like boys instead of men.” 
At that time, it seemed he understood the value of a traditional family structure’s impact on a child’s ability to succeed. 
Flash forward to 2016, after two terms, he was exposed as merely another puppet for radical left-wing interests. 
The LGBTQ lobby had strongly supported Obama and he received tremendous applause for finally pushing through Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and other gay rights causes. 
Obama, desperate for something to attach his legacy to, announced that the U.S. military would qualify individuals who are transgendered. 
This, he knew, would have an overwhelming impact on the military, but the decision also applied pressure on nationwide discussions centered around gender identity.
In essence, our former Commander-in-Chief was using the military as a trans political puppet, and more importantly, he was attempting to deal a death blow to America’s tradition of valuing the nuclear family.
Despite notions from left wing history revisionists who argue that “trans people fight for America’s independence!” – we all know that gender fluidity has been popularized by liberal democracy’s propensity for social acceleration.
Studies show that more and more people are beginning to identify as “trans” making it liberal America’s hottest fad. 
Just like with every liberal cause, radical leftists have somehow tried to spark outrage over trans rights by making it a black issue. 
Enter “trans black” in the Google search engine and you’ll discover countless pages of content regarding this subject.
Blogger Antwan Herron has even chastised Black Lives Matter for ignoring the murders of trans black “women.” 

Such oversight, he contends, narrows the prism of black victimhood.
Well, Herron is right…err, kind of. 
Black Lives Matter is totally guilty of monopolizing (and profiting) from black victimhood. 

But Herron’s premise still reeks of self-pity and plain idiocy. 

The fact that Black Lives Matter refuses to agitate the public over trans deaths is one thing I agree with them on. 

The monolithic black community should not cave to the pressures of the regressive left and hop on board the lefts newest fad.
According to Gallup data, African Americans make up one of the biggest percentages of trans identities in the U.S. 

Despite this, seventy-five percent of black house-holds have traditional views on gender. 

But still, trans activists constantly compare trans rights progressions to black civil rights battles of the 1960s.
President Trump’s Tuesday morning declaration that trans identity will no longer be qualifiable in the U.S. military is a severe blow to the trans movement’s disconnected understanding of reality. 

Trans people have a right to exist, but the notion that trans identities should somehow instantly become normalized at the detriment of all aspects of society is one that doesn’t sit well with many communities, especially minority ones. 

We know for a fact that religious Latinos and Blacks have historically opposed trans rights progression but have quietly sat by while the Democratic Party passed reform after reform that attempts to undercut the very fabric of family structures.

Studies have proven time and time again that nuclear families have a profound impact on child development. 

This is especially true in communities of color. 

Despite this, the left continues to push the perception that minorities should be concerned with the trans rights movement. 

Nevetheless, I don’t foresee the black community—or Americans at large shedding a tear for the exclusion of trans service members. Here’s few reasons why:
Troop Morale & Potential Tension is a Real Concern
Yes, a trans person can fire a rifle but we need to show consideration to the opinions of the military community. 

Platoons aren’t safe spaces or HR departments. They shouldn’t be forced to contort their societal views on the fly simply because it’s now politically correct for straight men to pretend that they find Caitlyn Jenner attractive. 

When more than half of the country questions the scientific legitimacy of gender dysmorphia, you can’t expect tobacco chewing ISIS fighting soldiers to accept trans persons with open arms. 

Remember Obama’s admittance of trans service members was open for a year review as a condition of its implementation. 

It should come as no surprise that military personnel remain at a loss for rave reviews for Barack’s trans friendly initiative. 

After the Civil War, it took years for the federal government to formally integrate soldiers. You can’t force PC culture on the military, too much is at stake.
Equality Doesn’t Mean Special Treatment
Obama’s “transgender military experiment” is running afoul of its intended purpose. 

Until recently, Trans soldiers were provided certain obvious concessions that normal soldiers didn’t receive. 

This created a problem given the importance of uniformity and sameness amongst military ranks. 

In my opinion, trans people tend to have finite emotional stability given their identity crisis.

Being a able to fire a rifle is great, but being triggered by someone using the wrong pronoun is a mindset that has no place in the armed services of the U.S.
Trump’s Decision Affects Sex Distinction Guidelines in K-12 Education
Obama’s directive was not based on ethics, it was a political move orchestrated by high-level Democratic Party operatives to help a wide range of civic groups, legal causes, and legislators achieve their agenda goals. 

For states like North Carolina to be pressured into repealing their own mainstream laws, there had to be pressure coming from all angles. 

Unlike Obama, Trump’s agenda is to maintain gender distinctions in primary schools. 

His decision to disqualify gender blurring identities from the military was the first step. 

The next move will be to overturn laws that permit K-12 girls to share locker rooms with female identifying males, or force tax-payers to fund sex-based operations for pre-teens.
The Pentagon Shouldn’t Cover a $20,000 Bill to Turn Jack into Jackie
The average cost for a transition surgery is about $17,000. Add in therapy, hormones/testosterone, lab tests and follow-up visits and that number balloons quickly. 

We all know that U.S. military spending is enormous, but that hasn’t stopped President Trump from negotiating better deals on equipment and asking our foreign allies to share the costs of defending their interests abroad. 

Prior to Trump’s ban, word had  spread that joining the military was the cheapest and fastest way for trans people to complete their transition.

Now President Trump is saving the Pentagon from more unnecessary disproportionate spending. Banishing trans people from the military was a cost-effective decision.
So before you rush to judgement and use Trump’s declaration to promote unfounded conjecture about him being a purveyor of hate, first understand what this is about:
-His decision was in response to the overwhelming consequences that trans people have on the military.
-His decision came for the betterment of our country.
-His decision was made to preserve traditional family structures that appear to be on a down trajectory.