White People Use Diversion Tactics to Minimize Black Issues (And It’s Pissing Me Off)
For America’s Sake, It’s Time to Get Rid of Identity Politics. Now!

Black Culture - February 20, 2018

For Black People to Progress, Black Culture Must Die!

If people really want to see black people integrate into the society, leaving the victimhood mentality and resentment for white people behind – peop...
Black Culture - February 19, 2018

10 Ways That Dating A White Girl Will Open A Black Man’s Eyes To Racism

*This is an editorial for black men. Hey fellas, if you’re thinking about dating a white girl, it’ll expose you to racism in ways that only a trai...
Black Culture - February 18, 2018

A White Person’s Guide To Discussing Race and The Five Things Black People Can do to Help

I’m a white guy (half Jewish actually), but that’s not going to stop me from tackling one of America’s most divisive and complex top...
Black Culture - February 17, 2018

From Hair Weaves To Colored Contacts, Black Women Have Been Appropriating White Culture For Decades

Hey, sisters: How does it feel to be hypocrites? I have another question: How can you justify accusing Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus of appropriating b...
Black Culture - February 16, 2018

White People Use Diversion Tactics to Minimize Black Issues (And It’s Pissing Me Off)

People love to bring up certain issues to deflect from other issues, especially when it comes to the plight of black America. When black people protes...
Black Culture - February 15, 2018

A Letter To Black Athletes: Stand For The National Anthem, or Sit When You Hear A Crude Rap Song

Dear black people, what has rap music done for you lately? Do you feel empowered or encouraged when you hear it? Do these songs represent your world? ...
Black Culture - February 13, 2018

For America’s Sake, It’s Time to Get Rid of Identity Politics. Now!

Within the United States, political factions are so heavily at odds with each other, philosophical civil war has been well underway for at least a yea...
Black Culture - November 11, 2017

An Open Letter To Black People: Stop Blaming White America For Your Problems

Once again, I have to be the voice of truth. So here it goes… The more you Negroes complain about what the White man isn’t giving you, the wea...
People - November 10, 2017

Transgenderism is a Sickness (It’s Time to Face Reality)

Dear fellow Americans, WTF is happening to our country? For eight years, we suffered through a socialist presidency that resulted in confusion as to w...
People - November 10, 2017

Removing Confederate Monuments is a Step Toward Erasing History, Not Racism

Congratulations, Negroes! Go-ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back for finally convincing “massa” to get rid of that old, crusty statue of R...
Politics - November 9, 2017

FACT: Democratic Leaders Exploit Immigrants to Gain Political Capital

The mere phrase “immigration reform” has often been the political Left’s euphemism for amnesty. But regardless of how many supermajorities the D...
Featured - November 8, 2017

How Obama Failed Black America

“Hope,” “change you can believe in” and “yes we can” were the words and phrases that captured the hearts and minds...

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