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If you want the cold, hard truth about our society, then you've chosen the right blog. If you prefer an opinion that's watered down and easy to digest, then I suggest you go elsewhere (maybe The Huffington Post, CNN, or Imapussy.com). 

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you giving my blog a chance. You could've gone anywhere else, but you landed here (and I'm eternally grateful). 

With that said, I'm not your mommy. I'm not fucking Mary Poppins -- there will be no sugarcoating the facts to protect your fragile sensibilities (assuming you were the type of kid who needed a pat on the ass for every achievement you made as a child). 

I'm not a terrible person or the Antichrist. If anything, I'm the most genuine and forthcoming Mofo you'll ever encounter. And if that doesn't work for you, then I suggest you extend your index finger, turn that bitch sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass (that's a corny WWE joke). 

We live in an extremely hush-hush world that's full of overly sensitive jackoffs who'd rather be coddled than enlightened. But I won't cater to the majority -- every post you read on this site will be designed to energize the portion of your brain that hungers for controversy. We all crave it, but only some us embraces the chaos swirling within our consciousness. 

I want your experience on my blog to be memorable. So here's a suggestion: remove the Binky from your mouth, grab a bottle of whiskey and take a drink. You'll need alcohol for the stuff I've got cooking. Read, have an open mind, and enjoy. 

Thanks for dropping by. 

Cory Alexander Haywood

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